100xCoin has today secured a new exchange listing - with prominent US-based exchange Gate.IO.

Hodlers and potential new speculators alike, have been given a solid sign of confidence regarding the longevity of the 100xCoin project. The listing will go live in a matter of days.

New crypto listing on exchanges, and thus volume and exposure to 100xCoin - has always been paramount to the continued growth of the project. This new-found crypto exchange listing just further increases upon steps outlined, and ultimately delivered - in the 100xCoin Roadmap.

New Crypto Listing on Exchanges: Just a Start for 100xCoin

As more and more smart contracts and s**t coins either bite the dust, or pull the rug on investors - 100xCoin is continually seeing further exposure to new potential buyers. With this New Crypto Exchange Listing, 100xCoin has seen a 140% daily candle as new investors pile-in, trying to pre-empt this new-found relationship, and in turn - a potential increase in volume.

Gate.io - Featuring 100xCoin listing vote win

The 100xCoin project has continually gone from strength to strength, riding recent market-wide crashes to “come out the other side” in a considerably stronger position. This has been recognised by Gate.io - who will now be able to provide their customers and clients access to the 100xCoin ecosystem in English, Chinese and Japanese.

Gate.IO boasts top 20 exchange status within the US, combined with a slick & robust ID&V process - getting new traders up and running in as little as 2 minutes. Having an outfit as established as Gate.io providing exposure to 100xCoin is a huge, green tick in the 100xCoin Achievement Diary.

How does a New Crypto Listing on Exchanges affect price?

A contentious point to say the least - but it cannot be argued that new exchange listings definitely have an effect on price, in the short and long-term. As experienced traders “buy the rumour” new volume typically comes in to pre-empt a listing going live. We are definitely seeing a similar pattern on the 100xCoin price chart. As volume piles in - traders and speculators are evidently playing by the typical listing storyboard.

100xCoin Daily up 140% (at time of publishing)

It must be said - from an integrity perspective - that other alt/meme coin exchange listings have seen sell-offs as the listing goes live. However in the case of 100xCoin - there are other mitigating factors that may continue investor interest past the exchange listing itself. Altbase is now live on Android, with IOS launching in the next few days. Having these two “good news” stories working in tandem, can only be beneficial to 100xCoin as a long term project.

No cast-iron guarantee of success, for sure, but definitely a good place to start as 100xCoin continues its orderly adventure to the moon.

The Gate.io listing is a small, yet significant step for 100xCoin holders. To get this relationship over the line is just testament to what 100xCoin can achieve. With Gate.IO and 100xAltbase coming out to play, 100xCoin will soon be sitting at the “big boy table” in the BSC.

Ken Llamas Founder of 100xCoin

After a few months of trading, it must be said that the progress of 100xCoin in terms of relationships and brand awareness - is genuinely impressive. Whilst it’s no assurance that success comes in tandem, it’s at least a sign the team behind the project is putting absolutely everything into achieving success. When you’re trading/speculating with meme coins, the wider project must be considered before potentially risking capital.

100xCoin is leaving no stone unturned in its pursuit to be the Number 1 Meme Coin on the BSC.

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