100xCoin to rebrand to Altbase Token

Today, it has been announced that 100xCoin will rebrand to Altbase Token.

In doing so, the app itself will become the forefront of the proposition, with Altbase Token itself being a truly native currency within the app, in a brand sense as well as pairings with other tokens. How the pairings work, the tokenomics, and how it's rolled out are still work in progress, but all wheels are in motion and this is the ultimate end game to providing a true altcoin exchange.

Without forgetting the roots and the community that got 100xCoin to where it is, the community development team behind the project has been hard at work making improvements to the overall system - with constant updates to the backend and proposition itself.

However, the time has finally come for the branding of Altbase to evolve across the board, so that it makes sense from a user intent perspective, whilst also aligning the app to that of the biggest players in the industry.

A New Logo and Brand Identity will be Launched within Days
A New Logo and Brand Identity will be Launched within Days


‍A market leading app would be made a lot more difficult with keeping the name 100xCoin, whilst having Altbase as the app. The brands being mis-aligned made the native pairing piece more difficult to get across.

Therefore, silo-ing everything under the same Altbase brand is definitely industry best practice, and has better semantics for what the offering is looking to achieve. 

This project is now setting a clear precedent for trusting the process of development, and making smart moves that are adopted by industry leaders. The days of old are over.

Create a product that users engage with daily in order to transact with cryptocurrencies, whilst making $ALTB the driving force within the apps ecosystem. That’s the goal.

‍This is an exciting, and much-needed change to establish a proper brand that is here for years to come.

New Brand, Same Contract

‍As is sometimes conspired with rebrands, this is by no way an abandonment of the previous project nor the Smart Contract itself. The token will be rebranded - from 100xCoin to Altbase Token - without the need for a new smart contract.

The Importance Of Branding

The importance of branding is crucial to any project, or business. In order to portray the right image to potential investors or users, our brand name needs to reflect our devotion to innovation and success in this space, not a meme coin by name.

Without a good brand identity, the key elements required for our investors to build trust and loyalty in Altbase will be absent. Our aim is to create a brand that people can not only recognise, but a brand our community, investors and partnered projects have the utmost respect and confidence for - as an innovator in this space.

Poor branding and its effect can negate the advantages of having a stellar product or service, and we here at Altbase want a name that will accurately reflect our passions and expertise, while also enticing new investment opportunities. 

100xAltbase is now Altbase

The aim is to be the first location people turn to when finding the latest altcoins to buy. The use of positive, straightforward and engaging branding will be a big part of how we get there. Altbase - The Home of Altcoins - encapsulates this perfectly.

100xCoin Is Now - Altbase Token

Although the meme coin identity held in the past helped deliver some results, it ultimately held the project back. Now, the app branding and the token offering will be synergized with 100xCoin now rebranded to Altbase Token - A truly native currency powering the app.
When Will This Happen?

As with all rebrands, they take a bit of time to roll out across the whole product suite.

It will take around 2 weeks to roll-out across the majority of our brand.

What’s Happening With The Website

This gives us a fantastic opportunity to wipe the slate clean. 100xCoin.io has been a project that's been developed by multiple developers, and with that there are some bugs and standardization issues that exist, with the work being split across different people in the past.

Now, the website URL will be changed to Altbase.app - and 15 BRAND NEW Content Pages will be added, all with a strict mind for On-Page SEO. There will be a 1 month period where rankings are volatile as we make changes. Over time, traffic should increase as we add these new pages and can rank for more keywords.

We are not migrating the site CMS, just changing the URL and 301 redirecting the old. Therefore, we do not need to migrate our traffic of which makes this process a LOT easier.

The truth is, now the branding makes sense, this will create more clicks as our proposition is more relevant. It’s an app where you can buy altcoins, as opposed to a website mixed between 100xCoin and Altbase. Making this move will kick our SEO into overdrive as we can add more pages that are more relevant to the search.

How Will This Effect The Token?

‍All of these changes are being made with a mind to create a more rounded proposition. With that, a native token that can actually be paired with other currencies, driving volume like Whitebit do with their DECL pairing. We need to become an exchange first before we can do this, but we are on the way to doing that and the branding is very much step one.

Once the app is fully fledged, with Altbase token paired with other projects - that’s where things should get interesting. Users will need to buy the native token in order to trade. This is still to be confirmed in how/when it's rolled out, but it is definitely the way to go however long it takes. The alignment to an exchange is definitely a start.

Crypto.com - A Very Comparable Case Study

A good example of how this type of synergy can really impact a project's success, is the release of Crypto.coms native token $CRO earlier in the year. The branding change that Crypto.com went through was significant, but it worked. 

Previously known as Monaco, the rising crypto platform rebranded to Crypto.com, and in 2021 they subsequently launched the $CRO token to replace their original $MCO token.  

Since the launch, $CRO has exploded and has the brand recognition of Crypto.com, leading the service to become one of the fastest growing crypto apps in the world.

By creating a product that is instantly recognizable and associated with the branding,  Altbase will increase awareness to make it easier for investors to associate our token with our application, much like the previous success from Crypto.com and the $CRO token.

Marketing in-line with the Rebrand

‍As with all rebrands, there will be a significant push to get the new name out there. The project will get a huge facelift and ads campaigns will soon commence.

The Future Is Looking Bright For Altbase

‍The upcoming changes to the identity of Altbase are only a portion of what we have in store for the community supporting us. By coordinating our approach to branding in the same way that we develop our crypto SEO solutions and token offerings, we aim to encourage more partnerships and stimulate new investment by providing a brand that people not only recognise but can trust at the same time.

Altbase with its native token Altbase Coin, not just another memecoin anymore - Stay tuned for more from our community team.

‍You can download Altbase from either The Google Play Store or The  Apple Play Store now!

Altbase - The Home of Altcoins

Sounds good doesn't it?

Altbase Digital Lead & Founder of Coinpresso. Liam manages our technical team and ensures that the website is running smoothly, and attracting organic traffic. He's a keen crypto enthusiast having been trading for 4 years.