Altbase iOS Wallet Functions Are GO

After much anticipation, Altbase is now live on iOS with Wallet-Only functions. The app has been released with this initial build, to allow for optimisation and testing processes to take place.

With restrictions on iOS for Dex’s and Dapps, it's good to get started on this process ASAP - so that when the app is fully fledged, it's ready for full send.

Finding altcoins to buy is easy, getting them on your iPhone or iPad…. Not so much, as we've discovered.

With that in mind, the team has decided to launch on iOS a little early, to give the community a taste of what is in store and to enable us to get a headstart on finalising development.

Altbase App Store Listing
Altbase App Store Listing

The Plan?

Start testing the user interface and to gain insights into anything out of the ordinary, like bugs and crashes. Anything less than perfect is not acceptable for a full launch.

The community aims to gain momentum with the app downloads now, while also optimising the App Store listing to ensure we gain the same organic exposure and success we achieved with the 100x-Altbase Google Play listing. 

As with everything the 100x community does, number one for altcoins is the goal and we will stop at nothing to achieve it.

Altbase Easiest BNB
It really is!

The Current Standard

Until now, the complicated setup process for the standard selection of altcoin trading apps has been the bane of most altcoin traders' existence. Android users have it easier as there are less restrictions on what can and cant be made available for download via the Play Store even so, the process can be far from simple.

The process generally involves:

  • Setting up a desired wallet that is compatible with the choice of Dex you decide to use and transferring these tokens to this wallet. Trust wallet and Metamask are two good examples.
  • Setting up the Dex yoiu have chosen. Pancakeswap or Bakeryswap.
  • Connecting the wallet to the Dex.
  • Finally, swapping your native token to your desired Altcoin or Memecoin

With Altbase, this process is made much simpler through integrating all under one roof. (Soon for iOS)

Altbase: The Future of Altcoins

Altbase has gone from strength to strength in recent months. The app has been a project developed by the community at 100xCoin and since its development has grown exponentially and sets a new standard for simplicity.

The work put in by the community to develop a simple but effective user interface, hassle free trading with the ability to buy and sell your favourite memecoins has made the entire process suitable for both newbie traders and experienced investors alike.

Altbase on the moon: To scale
Altbase on the moon: To scale

Simply put, thanks to Altbase-100x and the community at 100xCoin, purchasing your favourite altcoins and memecoins has never been easier.

  • Download from the Play Store or App Store
  • Through the app itself, purchase the desired amount of BNB token with a debit or credit card
  • Swap your newly purchased BNB for your favourite token
  • Done!

Investing your hard earned money and buying your favourite altcoins should be this easy and luckily for Android users using 100x-Altbase, it is. 

For iOS users, the process is about to get a whole lot easier thanks to the 100x community and the 100x-Altbase app.

Download the first build of the Altbase App today at the Apple Play Store.

For Android users, the full release version os 100x-Altbase is available here.

Altbase Digital Lead & Founder of Coinpresso. Liam manages our technical team and ensures that the website is running smoothly, and attracting organic traffic. He's a keen crypto enthusiast having been trading for 4 years.