Altbase: New Brand & Smart Contract Details

Altbase New Blue UI is confirmed, with logo tile TBC

The day the community has been waiting for is almost upon us, the official rebrand for both 100xCoin and 100xAltbase, is now underway. With the logo and brand identity having been released, the remaining changes include a new smart contract & migration, a name refresh and new website, due to take effect from the Sept 26th.

September 27th - Altbase Token Smart Contract Goes Live

‍The migration from 100xCoin to Altbase Token, is due to take place on the 27th of September through to October 1st. This will give the existing 100xCoin holders a five day window for a fair migration.

Migration and Token Transfer Details

‍To make the switch - holders will only have to transfer their tokens to either a Metamask or Trust Wallet account. There will be a link on the website posted closer to the date to allow users to swap their tokens.

If you hold 100x within your Altbase wallet, you will need to move your tokens to Metamask or Trust in order to execute the swap. A 0% tax window has been introduced to ensure the movement of tokens is fair and free.

For any holders that currently have their tokens inside other alternative exchanges, the original 100xCoin token will be delisted and relisted shortly after as Altbase Token.

‍It is highly recommended to make the switch before this delisting occurs.

Tokenomics Changes

‍The current supply of 878 Trillion tokens is being shrunk down to 878 Million. This change will not affect the value of a holder's current holdings, as the swap will happen proportionally in relation to the amount previously held.

‍The updates to the Altbase exchanges native token are not only limited to a simple identity change. 

The community team understands that to enable this token to become a true trading pair with the various cryptocurrencies on offer, there needs to be alterations made to the existing smart contract to make this desire a reality.

0% On All Transactions FROM NOW

‍All transactions are now 0% tax, to allow easy transfer of tokens to Trust or MetaMask.

‍This decision was made to enable the community of users to transfer their tokens to either MetaMask or Trust Wallet, in order to allow the swap to take place. 

This reduced rate of 0% will be in place until the swap is complete on October 1st, to ensure all transactions are tax-free during the swap.

What will the new tokenomics be?

‍2% Liquidity on all Tx. This is because we want to keep the liquidity from growing. The token will be used for full utility within the app and products that we build without people getting taxed too much. This will also help with getting listed on exchanges.

100xCoin Will Become Altbase Token

The first major step in the rebranding refresh, begins with the native token that aims to power the entire enterprise. The new name for 100xCoin will become Altbase Token.

The objective behind the renaming is to provide a streamlined approach to the token, in order to better suit the use case that it was designed for - Altbase Token will become the true native currency behind the Altbase exchange.

The Need For Change

To better suit the roadmap for Altbase, the project needs a coin that is better suited for full use as a utility token, within the Altbase exchange.

The current tokenomics model was innately built around the existing meme coin environment that Altbase is attempting to move away from. 

By reducing the supply and tokens in circulation, Altbase’s proposition becomes more aligned with the industry leaders in this space.

Brand New Name, New Logo, New Website - Altbase

The changes taking place are transpiring across the entire existing 100x brand, and ecosystem. 

A complete redesign is taking place that will synergise all products and messaging to allow a consistent approach to branding the community project to new investment. Will Move to

The current website of is being redirected to a brand new URL as part of the rebranding process. 

The updated website will now have a much simpler, and more relative address that coincides with the rest of the rebranding efforts. will soon be the home of the Altbase brand of products and will be the first stop on peoples journey when they are looking to buy altcoins and meme coins.

The CMS is not being migrated, just the URL, so current rankings within Google, and traffic to the existing address should remain largely unaffected.

‍From the 26th of September, will be the home of the Altbase brand!

Simpler, Clearer, More Recognizable Logos

‍As required with any rebranding attempt of this size, the current logos and designs for the 100x branding have to be overhauled, to fit with the correlating changes also being made across the product suite.

The latest logo is a complete refresh and entails a much cleaner aesthetic than the previous iteration. With the new logo, the intent is to create a design that is not only easily recognizable, but reduces the confusion between the previous product names of Altbase and 100x. 

New Altbase App Tile Icon
New Altbase App Tile Icon

Why A Rebrand Is The Best Step For Success

‍The overall purpose of the rebranding efforts is synergy. By using a collaborative brand name across all products and services that Altbase has to offer, a clear association is created that was severely lacking with the current approach. 

Effective and recognisable branding is pivotal to any operation. By moving everything to a clear and identifiable brand name like Altbase, investors are able to more accurately recognise Altbase’s products and services from the rest. This aim is to build trust, with consistent branding being a good step to enforcing this belief.

The goal and objectives of the community have not changed - Altbase will be the home of altcoins, and the first place people will turn to when they want to invest in their favourite projects. 

The changes that are coming over the next week are being made to further push this narrative and will enable Altbase to become a dominant force in the industry, something that the community behind Altbase are sure to be excited about.

Altbase Digital Lead & Founder of Coinpresso. Liam manages our technical team and ensures that the website is running smoothly, and attracting organic traffic. He's a keen crypto enthusiast having been trading for 4 years.