Altbase has now completed the migration, the liquidity has been added to PancakeSwap, and the new smart contract is now live. For everyone that has been patiently waiting for this moment, the pause on buys and sells has been removed and trading can now commence.

Altbase altcoin exchange logo V1

Altbase Token is now live!

The token is now officially available through the Altbase application and PancakeSwap with a relisting taking place on exchanges that previously listed the now extinct 100xCoin.

The $ALTB Token Contract Address

The address for the new $ALTB token - 0x9b3a01f8b4abd2e2a74597b21b7c269abf4e9f41

The Process for Users That Have Not Completed the Swap

There is a complete understanding from the team that there are some users that may have missed the migration window and for this reason, we have enabled a manual transfer of 100XCoin tokens to the new Altbase Token, using the following link:

Please use the above form to provide the details we need to manually transfer your holdings and over the next 1-2 weeks, we will be doing the swap for you. 10 days were allocated to initiate this migration and for users to swap their tokens, but as promised, no one will be left behind, all holders will be able to initiate the swap.

Issues with Altbase App

We are aware of the bug with the old 100xAltbase app build and we are vehemently trying to fix it. The previous app developers (who we left to hire in-house) have put us in this situation and as the build is theirs, we have to wait for this to be fixed. However, the new build of altbase built by OUR TEAM will be finished in November.

Nevertheless, an easy fix is available to you if you have your private keys, just like any other Meta Mask or Trust Wallet. Recover your altbase wallet to Meta Mask as seen in the below link in order to access your coins on Altbase:

How To Restore Your Metamask Account

New Token - New Tokenomics

Due to the previous hyper-inflated tokenomics for 100XCoin, changes had to be made to better suit the use case that Altbase has planned for the native token. The overall supply has been reduced pro-rata from 877 Trillion to 935 million coins approximately.

The goal for the migration is utility and associated tokenomics changes are to better allow this use case and to enable more listings in various platforms. The token is built to be an effective trading pair with other tokens inside the Altbase platform and other exchanges. 

Transaction fees have been significantly reduced to 2% for all buying and selling, a big reduction from the previous 10%. A change that should make a lot of the community very pleased.

 Buybacks For New Altbase Token Confirmed

For any allocation of 100xCoins that do remain after the migration process has been completed entirely, including the manual swaps that are still being processed. 

The development team will use the remaining tokens for buybacks onto the new smart contract. Again, this will take place once the migration has been completed and everyone has undergone the swap process.


New Name, New Logo, New Website, New Token and New Application

The changes are occurring right across the Altbase brand. Everything has undergone a complete overhaul, all taking place to completely refresh and synergize all aspects of the project. 

The name change has taken effect with a new logo, the website is live, the migration has been completed and the last step on the journey is the app. This is currently still being developed but is due to be released shortly with updates expected soon. The app is being designed with user experience in mind and will see a much cleaner user interface, more product pages, and more listed projects. All will be vetted and verified, to ensure investor safety is the number one priority.

The Future For The Altbase Brand

Altbase has undergone all of the rebranding moves in recent weeks for one reason, to remove the previous meme project connotation and establish the brand as a force that can not only provide the service for our community but stand tall with the industry leaders and biggest players in this space.

There are planned bridges coming in the next few months, to numerous chains for complete cross-chain integration as well as more token offerings, and additional partner projects - all in an attempt to provide the community as much choice as possible.

The overall goal for Altbase is to become the home of altcoins, nothing less. A place where even the smallest low cap gems, altcoins, and meme coins can be welcomed aboard and a place that offers its users the opportunity to find new investment opportunities. 

Altbase Digital Lead & Founder of Coinpresso. Liam manages our technical team and ensures that the website is running smoothly, and attracting organic traffic. He's a keen crypto enthusiast having been trading for 4 years.