BabyCake joins 100xAltbase

It’s been another all-action day for Altbase, as BabyCake is now available to purchase on the app. BabyCake is a project on the BSC, rewarding users for every transaction via it’s auto-claim feature.

The coin has an active social media following, of which is evidently pleased with the new place to transact that is now on offer - 100xAltbase.

BabyCake joins a list of stellar projects on Altbase, including 100xCoin, FEG Token, SafeMoon, and MMACoin.

Altbase downloads and traffic are reaching new highs, and a buzz is definitely starting to develop amongst 100x and other communities. Engagement numbers are increasing exponentially and this is correlating into downloads.

Buy BabyCake on Altbase NOW
Buy BabyCake on Altbase NOW

100xAltbase: The Ultimate App for Altcoins

Altbase is seeing a load of new exposure, from both Play Store Search and aforementioned listings. We are now seeing levels of activity that shows a viable product, one that can be used to browse a variety of altcoins to buy.

Downloads are up 40% on the same month on month period, all new users that are now able to easily purchase BabyCake, 100x, or whatever altcoin takes your fancy.

Building a cross-platform click-funnel, combined with organic download strategies, is how we the community team ultimately creates an app to change this space for the good.

It’s been said before:

  • No More Slippage
  • No More Output Errors
  • No More Hassle

Sounds great right?

A Native Token: 100xCoin

The point in creating a product suite that people can actually use, is to further enhance the future-proofing of 100xCoin, the native token of the 100x ecosystem. If the coins use cases and benefits can be further substantiated for 2-3 bull/bear markets to come, that is the ultimate test.


Image of BabyCake on 100xAltbase
Image of BabyCake on 100xAltbase

Taking power from Exchanges, Redistributing to Projects

As it’s already very well known, a regulatory crackdown in this space is imminent.

The projects that stick are those that have actual financial services capability. Fintech. Proper real-world interoperability, and a desire for its use by the consumers it serves.

That’s what Altbase, 100xListing, and everything connected to it is all about.

Substantiating our project, and those who are partnered with us. Take power away from exchanges, and add it back into OUR OWN projects and intellectual property.

That’s the end game here, and it’s huge.

We are now in a position where we have built a product that other projects want to be a part of, and also pay to be a part of. That’s a fantastic place to be, and gives us more funding to put into dev and marketing.

It’s all part of the plan, and it’s working.

Altbase Digital Lead & Founder of Coinpresso. Liam manages our technical team and ensures that the website is running smoothly, and attracting organic traffic. He's a keen crypto enthusiast having been trading for 4 years.