BabyDoge now listed on Altbase

The listings keep rolling in for 100xAltbase, as BabyDoge has now been added to featured coins.

BabyDoge is a project on the BSC with a big community following, and high social engagement numbers. They have been particularly active in the charity sector, donating substantial sums to chosen charities, and in turn attracting a decent following.

These are the projects that add value to Altbase, and in-turn Altbase provides value back by providing another place to transact, with barriers removed and easy payment via credit and debit card available.

Adding to this week's listings of FEG and SafeMoon - BabyDoge joins the ever-expanding list of Meme Coins and Altcoins available to users of 100xAltbase. Adding accessibility to tokens is key to driving user experience.

100xAltbase is a lot more than just a wallet, and there’s a lot more to come too.

Baby Doge Now Listed on Altbase
Baby Doge Now Listed on Altbase

More listings? What’s the benefit?

It may not be immediately obvious as to why other tokens are being onboarded to the app at such pace. Actually, the core focus is to drive organic downloads.

If we can continually be innovative as to the way we pick up new users, through play store (and app store soon), then we actually drive our performance in the results of each store through our download strategy.

Other coins immediately see benefit, as 100xAltbase eliminates the need to use pancakeswap and thus exposes every downloaded user to the ability to purchase 100xCoin easily, and a load of other cool projects too. Push notifications can be sent to every user to drive purchases.

There’s a lot more to Altbase than what meets the eye, as the development of the back end and app store optimisation processes is a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ work.

But, the 100x Degen Community Team are doing this stuff now as we believe it will create a substantial product, with use-cases, past that of being just a pump and dump project.

It’s a substantial product offering that is being built, and this does of course take time.

BabyDoge and Altbase UI
BabyDoge and Altbase UI

Creating a Futureproof, Fintech 100x

It’s no secret that regulatory compliance is high on the agenda of the 100x Community Team. Creating a proper financial product that is used by people, not ‘just’ a cryptocurrency, is the way to substantiate the project past SEC crackdowns in this sector.

Again, what the team is doing may not be immediately obvious - however research and relevant regulatory examples in this vertical, are highlighting the need to become more useful as a financial product and in-turn bring permits and compliance.

You can now buy on 100xAltbase:

  • 100xCoin
  • BNB
  • MMACoin
  • FEG Token
  • SafeMoon

Happy trading!

Altbase Digital Lead & Founder of Coinpresso. Liam manages our technical team and ensures that the website is running smoothly, and attracting organic traffic. He's a keen crypto enthusiast having been trading for 4 years.