Today, Altbase is proud to announce that the Grandfather of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTCB) is now available to trade on the Altbase application. From today, users will be able to use the service to buy, sell, swap, trade and hold Bitcoin.

BTCB Now Available to Buy on Altbase
BTCB Now Available to Buy on Altbase

It seems like only yesterday that the focus for Altbase was to capitalize on the growing success of the Binance Smart Chain at the height of the memecoin movement. But as the community project has grown, so has its ambitions to branch out to more chains and list the more substantial tokens in the space also, so naturally, Bitcoin is a logical step to make this a reality. 

To make this happen for our users before the big update to the Altbase app, due in the coming weeks, Altbase will be using the Binance pegged equivalent that is 1:1

Bitcoin - The Birth of Everything Blockchain

BTCB Is Listed On Altbase

Bitcoin was the very first blockchain developed and every project today owes its success and development to BTC, along with the legendary and also mysteriously anonymous Satoshi Nakomoto.

‍Being the first cryptocurrency in existence has led BTC on a path of infamy in the eyes of some, while holding the title of the holy grail in the eyes of others.

Bitcoin has long been surpassed in nearly every way technologically since its inception in 2008, with slow transaction speeds and higher fees than almost any other option available today but this has not stopped or slowed down BTC’s movement and position as the King Of Crypto.

BTC at $47.5k
BTC at $47.5k

Bitcoin - The highest Performing Asset Class For The Last Decade

‍Bitcoin is now primarily seen as a store of value, much like Gold and holds the record for surpassing all other asset classes as the best performing asset of the decade, returning ten times more than the Nasdaq over the same time frame.

Bitcoin has consistently made headlines over the years, but in recent weeks the latest news around the coin has been about the nation of El Salvador, and their move to adopt BTC as legal tender in the country.

‍As a world first, this is a huge step for not only Bitcoin and El Salvador, but for the entire world of crypto. 

‍The Altbase community team are with the rest of the blockchain community to welcome the move by El Salvador and hope to see more nations taking similar steps in the near future.

Altbase - Perpetual Development & Updates

‍The community team behind Altbase have been non-stop and hard at work, aiming to deliver everything that the community behind us holds dear, including consistent listing updates to grow our continuous catalogue of currencies on offer.

Altbase are again, proud to finally be able to list the original blockchain that got us all to where we are today, the king of crypto - Bitcoin, to the ever growing list of token offerings available and we are sure that the community are excited to see more than just altcoins and memecoins being made available.

Altbase has launched a BEP20 version of Bitcoin called BTCB, a pegged 1:1 equivalent that runs on the Binance Smart Chain. Soon to be released updates to the Altbase application are currently in development to run cross-chain services that allow multiple chains from various different networks to be launched, removing the need for pegged tokens altogether. This is just step one of that process.

Keep an eye out for more updates from our community, as there are bound to be a lot more over the coming weeks and months.

You can download Altbase from either The Google Play Store or The Apple Play Store now!

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