100xAltbase: FEG Token Now Available

Today, 100xAltbase has added FEG token, giving users the ability to buy seamlessly via Credit/Debit Card, and store tokens in-app.

Altbase will soon have a variety of different altcoins and meme coins, with the purpose of removing barriers and user experience issues found when using other platforms to transact.

FEG has an active community, and cool use-cases - a project that should be given more accessibility and thus drive more Altbase downloads. This substantiates the app as MORE than just purchasing 100xCoin. This is of course the key purpose, but bringing other projects into the loop also drives traffic.

100x Community Team has also confirmed a further 4+ listings to go live on the app within the next 2 weeks, of which FEG is the first in that queue. There are some huge listings in the pipeline, and Altbase is very much all systems go despite the hindrances with iOS.

Buy FEG on Altbase Now
Buy FEG on Altbase Now

Easily Buy FEG using a Payment Processor

What is most notable of this achievement, is the accomplishment of integrating a payment processor for mainstream payment methods into an app. This is a feat that the biggest players in the BSC have as of yet, not accomplished.

Other communities are starting to notice the achievement of bringing plastic and magnetic strips to the BSC.

FEG is the first of 4 tokens to be listed in 2 weeks
FEG is the first of 4 tokens to be listed in 2 weeks


Although only 30% of the world's population are iOS users, it is still a massive focus for 100xAltbase to be rolled out in the App Store.

In order to do so, a financial services registration must be acquired of which is very much in the works. The 100x Community Team is looking to enter leagues occupied only by that of Ripple and Hedera, understandably these things take time - but the effects when achieved will be there for all to see.

Buy FEG with Credit and Debit Card
Buy FEG with Credit and Debit Card

The 100x Degen Team is building an interoperable suite of products, and Altbase is at the very core - capturing buys once our search and ASO strategies are fully in play. These are ambitious goals, but the magnitude if accomplished will be astronomical.

The app now features the ability to buy:

  • 100xCoin
  • FEG Token
  • MMACoin
  • BNB

With more coins to be added, (4 in the next 2 weeks, if you needed reminding) the App is set to be a genuine method of buying and selling cryptocurrency, for the masses.

This, makes 100xCoin a native token - for an interoperable product suite.

Just like the big guys.

Altbase Digital Lead & Founder of Coinpresso. Liam manages our technical team and ensures that the website is running smoothly, and attracting organic traffic. He's a keen crypto enthusiast having been trading for 4 years.