Pacman Vs Ugas: Let's GO!

Finally, the week we have all been waiting for is finally upon us.

The World Title Fight between our champion Manny Pacquiao and his new replacement opponent Youdenis Ugas is only a matter of days away and 100xCoin and CPIE are going to be plastered on television screens the world over.

As you may have already heard - The man himself Pacman, 100x and CPIE have formed a strategic partnership and we could not be prouder.

Attracting a name like Manny Pacquiao is an absolute testament to the ambitions of both respective projects and we are absolutely ecstatic to have him jump on board with the 100x project.

Details of the Pacman Deal
Details of the Pacman Deal

What This Night Means For CPIE and 100xCoin

The reach that this fight will bring is second to none and will expose 100x and CPIE to millions upon millions of potentially new investors. 

Manny himself is a well respected sportsman worldwide and an even more revered Senator in his home country of the Philippines. He has the support of millions of people not only in his home country but worldwide and partnering with 100x is a huge endorsement for the project.

The marketing strategy in this situation is exposure, we will be running QR code based advertisements which will in turn direct traffic back to $100x and $CPIE simultaneously via the new Manny Pacquiao Crypto page.

With an average viewership of over 2 million PPV viewings plus even more replays and highlight reels being run after the fight has finished, we hope to get the name 100x into households worldwide and become a more established name in crypto.

Manny Pacquiao: A Legendary Alliance

It goes without saying Manny Pacman Pacquiao is an absolute mainstay in the world of not only boxing, but sport in general. 

“The Destroyer” as he is sometimes known, is regarded as one of the greatest professional boxers of all time as the only eight division world champion in history, winning 12 major world titles and is the only boxer to hold championships across the span of 4 decades. 

The man, the senator, the boxer, is legend in more ways than one and the champion himself has teamed up with the up and coming champions of crypto, 100xCoin and CPIE.

It is no secret that Manny is a big fan of blockchain technology being the creator of the first celebrity coin “Pac”, a leading example of how blockchain technology can revolutionise the way fans can interact with their favourite sports stars and teams.

Now Manny has chosen 100xCoin and CPIE as partners, and we cannot wait to see him donning the logos and stepping in the ring for his upcoming world title match. 

Manny Pacquiao, Crypto, 100xCoin and CPIE. Watch this space, and your TV screens this upcoming Saturday 21st of August. You can buy 100xCoin on Altbase Apps (Of course), and $CPIE via a bridge and its Polygon MATIC DEX respectively.

Ken and the community team with Pacman
Ken and the community team with Pacman

The Opponent

Unlike Manny's original opponent Errol Spence, the world has been a little quiet about his last minute replacement Yordenis Ugas. Nicknamed “54 Milagros” (Miracles), Yordenis Ugas, the Cuban born reigning WBA welterweight super champion, will be stepping into the ring for the ultimate match-up with Pacman.

Milagros is no stranger to adversity and triumph, defecting from Cuba in 2010, leaving behind his family to turn pro as a Miami based welterweight and dominating the ring ever since.

Ugas plans to use style and to outclass his opponent in this match, rather than use aggression. With a pro ledger of 24/4 and 12 KO’s, he most certainly has the potential to give Manny a run for his money.

We cannot wait to see him try.

Where Is The Fight Being Held

This world title fight is being held at the prestigious T-Mobile Arena in the city of Sin, Las Vegas this Saturday August 21st.

Where to Watch and What Time?

The fight itself is available via Pay Per View through FOX SPORTS in the US and Australia as well as Premier Boxing Champions for US streaming.

SKY SPORTS - Showing live in the Uk and Ireland.

For the Philippines you have KTX, CIGNAL, G SAT and SKY CABLE.

Everywhere else, you can stream online via FITE TV.

The fight will be held Saturday August 21st 9:00 ET (Eastern Time)

Make sure you do not miss this ultimate showdown and see not only Manny Pacquiao dominate the ring but see 100xCoin and CPIE showcase itself to the world.

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