The all important day has arrived. The transformation from 100X is coming to a close and the new beginning for the project has started. Welcome to the new and improved Altbase, a serious and synergised brand that encompasses the entire ecosystem of present and future offerings under one clear and effective brand name.

Welcome Altbase altcoin exchange

The change was not one that was expected when the previous 100X brand was established, but previous connotations as a meme project had to come to a close. To take on the biggest players in the crypto space, an effective rebrand had to come into effect. Altbase is the new name for the home of altcoins.

Altbase - The Home Of Altcoins

Altbase aims to be the first stop on a potential investor’s journey when discovering the latest altcoin and meme coins. This is the overall objective of the project and the long-term vision that the community team behind Altbase has. 

Altbase has a vast array of listed coins available on the application, including the native offering, Altbase token.  There is a strong desire to not only list these projects and provide a platform for them to reach new investors, but also has a strong passion for seeing these projects succeed outside of the exchange also.

Altcoins and meme coins are a hot commodity at the moment, and providing an easy option for buyers to purchase the latest tokens is what Altbase does best.

This is the advantage that Altbase holds over similar platforms, especially platforms that specialise in the coins not generally found on other exchanges. Simple, easy setup and ease of use, with no slippage and minimal transaction errors. The problems that plague other exchanges are a thing of the past for Altbase users.

Investor Protection Is Paramount

The Altbase platform takes investor protection and buyer safety very seriously. 

The current market has seen an explosion of projects come to life over the current bull cycle of 2021, and there are continuously more examples of dishonest projects not doing the right thing by their communities, or blatantly pulling the rug out from underneath them. 

Altbase has taken a strong stance against this type of behaviour and does everything possible to verify every project listed within the application. Every project that is listed within the exchange is vetted to the highest possible standards.

Altbase altcoin exchange logo image on blue background

Altbase is now becoming the brand that will transform into something that was previously unattainable with the previous meme coin identity. The Altbase brand will soon establish itself as one that will compete strongly with the biggest players in the industry. The vision for the project is for long-term success, making necessary changes now, to better position the brand for this objective.

There are more updates soon to be announced, with each one carefully designed to further drive the brand towards being a prominent player in the industry.

Altbase Digital Lead & Founder of Coinpresso. Liam manages our technical team and ensures that the website is running smoothly, and attracting organic traffic. He's a keen crypto enthusiast having been trading for 4 years.