Ken fan-girling hard

It was quite a beautiful moment to see a man meet his hero. And that’s exactly what this was.

But this wasn’t just a tear-jerker moment for some Filipino-turned-American dude, this was a great success for 100xCoin in getting on the radar of one of the world’s most prominent business minds.

Here’s why:

image of a live AMA of Gary Vee and Ken the Crypto on YouTube

Gary has a clear affiliation with NFTs

Didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out. His love for NFTs and the future of digital art was there to see.

He specifically expressed an interest in a Pacman Rookie Card

What was also particularly interesting is how his eyebrows raised at the possibility of a Manny Pacquiao NFT. Now, wouldn’t that be something?

I cannot see a situation where every sports ticket isn’t an NFT in 5 years. As someone’s that's a big Manny fan, whatever your deal is with Manny - his rookie NFT card would be particularly interesting to me. 

Gary Varynerchuk

This was the biggest statement of the whole AMA.

One of the biggest minds in business on YouTube stating for the world to see, that he would be interested in a rookie NFT for someone we are partnering with? Interesting for sure.

Discussing 100x and VaynerX

There was a clear bromance between both Gary and Ken. It was a light-hearted conversation, but with some key points and solid business advice given from Gary in terms of founder mindset, and how to go beyond being just a meme coin.

They discussed the CryptoPunks movement, 100xCoin becoming a financial services provider and being as compliant as possible from a regulatory perspective - to cater to the top 1% that Gary spoke about passionately.

I see too many young kids with talent chasing a quick buck to tend to the 99%, but actually the 1% who own the money are laughing at them.

Gary Vee

My bias is never-ending in our site blogs (because I can), but what Gary said here is what particularly resonated with me, and what we are trying to achieve as an SEO team. The 99% will chase pump and dumps, banner ads, short term hype.

Only the real MVPs, and thus the 1% - choose a solution like SEO. Because it takes time. However the benefits once fully implemented, are exponential to any other digital marketing strategy.

That’s exactly what Gary was saying here. Go with the smart plays to accommodate the 1%, and actually great things will happen for you. It’s too easy to get sidetracked by the 99% who shout and scream the loudest. I honestly couldn't agree more.

Next on the horizon for 100xCoin?

Completed 100xCoin/CPIE list

It’s full steam ahead. WhiteBit listing goes live within 24 hours, and fight week is nearly upon us for the fight of the year Manny Pacquiao vs Errol Spence JR.

Lots of new eyes will be on 100xCoin over the coming weeks.

What a time to be alive!

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