Altbase on iOS has launched Buy & Sell Features

The day that a large portion of the Altbase community has been waiting for is finally upon us.

‍Buy and Sell has shifted out of development and has been activated on the iOS version of the Altbase App. The first buy build allows for users to buy BNB, and then swap to any listed token on the app, including 100x, MMACoin, and many more.

Originally launching in beta for iOS late August, the app was limited to holding-only capabilities but in doing so, this gave the team ample time to ensure the UI and features were ready for the full launch at the beginning of September. The guys have been hard at work to wrap-up the final touches and move into alpha as quickly as possible, with the day being finally here. 

For the first time, iOS users can trade, swap, hold, send, receive and buy altcoins on the Altbase app.

Altbase now on iOS

26% Of Smartphone Users Use iOS

‍A substantial portion of our community have missed out for too long, with over a quarter of all potential users for the Altbase app not using an Android based smartphone, this meant a large portion of possible investors and users were simply shut out. 

A significant section of the market is now available that previously were out of reach. This was a strong focus for the development team but also a move that needed to be launched correctly as Apple's requirements are more stringent than those of the Play Store.

Altbase for Android has seen exponential growth over recent months with downloads reaching well over 20,000 and no signs so far of slowing down. There are expected to be similar successes on the Apple version once the full launch has completed which will give a boost to the overall success of the Altbase application.

The expected growth over the coming months for the Altbase app, not only with the launch of the full iOS version but with the non-stop updates and listings gives a lot of positive indicators for the project's future success and adoption.

Altbase: The Home of Altcoins
Altbase: The Home of Altcoins

Why Altbase?

‍Simply put, Altbase aims to make the process of buying, selling, swapping, trading and holding altcoins easy. Their goal is to provide the platform for easy listings that projects can pursue, whilst also catering to users and investors from all degrees of experience to help them buy and trade their favourite tokens.

The annoyances of other systems that include lengthy sign ups and verifications, slippage, high transaction times and confusing interfaces are a thing of the past and now the iOS users who previously missed out, can have the opportunity to jump on board and see what the fuss is all about.

The Process Could Not Be Any Easier

‍With Altbase purchasing your favourite altcoins and memecoins has never been simpler.

  • Through the app itself, purchase the desired amount of BNB token with a debit or credit card.
  • Swap your newly purchased BNB for your favourite token.
  • Done!

‍The process is quick, easy, transparent and can be done anywhere, anytime with Altbase.

Altbase - Non-Stop Updates In The Pipeline

‍Altbase moves from strength to strength with this latest update for iOS being a strong sign of things to come with not only the app and its development but also the app's native token 100xCoin ($100X). 

In the coming weeks there are further plans for cross chain implementation for 100xCoin with Solana, Avalanche and Polygon as well as a string of new listings and partnerships. In summary, there is a non-stop stream of updates to keep an eye on with the team at Altbase and 100xCoin.

Launching on iOS is a big milestone for Altbase and has unlocked a new wave of users that previously missed out, that are now attainable and ready to jump on board. 

‍Now anyone with any smartphone, almost anywhere in the world can now use Altbase - The home of Altcoins.

Download today!

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