100xCoin introduces 100xListing

As most of you already know, trading crypto is not for the faint of heart. This of course also applies to the developers and owners of our beloved altcoin projects. The Defi space is full of fierce competition, passionate communities, and turbulent market conditions. Not to mention the capital it takes to keep up with promotions, development, and a new listing on crypto exchanges.

How listing on crypto exchanges impacts a community

Listing on crypto exchanges is the catalyst to see tremendous pumps and community growth in the shortest amounts of time, they almost feel like cheat codes in a video game, and rightfully so.

CoinMarketCap listings seem to be the first thing on a new community's mind, and with good reason. The growth after a CoinMarketCap listing is extreme, but what then? The momentum of what has previously been thought a one-way ticket to the moon happens to all of a sudden come to a halt. The moon in view, now growing smaller by the second. The temporary pump is over and the train is heading back to Earth. 

100xAltbase is live on Play Store, with iOS imminent
100xAltbase is live on Play Store, with iOS imminent

The direction and steps a community token takes after will determine the sustainability of the project. How a project deals with the downswing is just as important, if not more, than the pump itself. Altcoin projects should always be on the lookout and active for listing on crypto exchanges, however, smaller projects may have difficulty getting their name out, even if they may be the best crypto to invest in at the time.

What is 100xListing?

Thankfully, 100xCoin is hosting a crypto listing competition to help promote and grow newer, underdeveloped coins. The promotion in accordance with 100xAltbase will give the opportunity for projects to win a listing on the app which already has thousands of downloads.

A fantastic opportunity to create exposure and advertise to a whole new audience. The listing will come with promotions from the 100xCoin Twitter page which currently sits at a cool eighty thousand followers, along with other social media sources.

A friendly competition for all projects involved, 100xListing will pick the best crypto projects to invest in and feature on the official 100xCoin domain. Users and community members will be able to vote for their favorite project in a specific time window. The winner of the listing competition will be the project with the majority of votes at the end of the countdown.

Great for all parties involved

Regardless of the outcome, this friendly competition offers exposure to all featured projects that enter. The stronger communities will however have a clear advantage in this competition format, hoping to show that their altcoin is the best crypto to invest in.

With the thousands of downloads, 100xAltbase already has, it’s clear to see the type of impact a listing will do for other cryptocurrency projects.

What is 100xAltbase?

The official app of 100xCoin, 100xAltbase is designed to be a seamless user experience that takes out complicated steps and procedures that were previously required to buy crypto and altcoins. The platform acts as an exchange for crypto that can be linked with a credit/debit card for quick and easy transactions. 100xAltbase also features an integrated hot wallet and tracking tools for the market.

Altbase Moon Landing
Altbase Moon Landing (Not to scale)

100xAltbase will revolutionize the altcoin space and bridge the masses to alternative currencies all while providing a seamless user experience. Many updates are set to be rolled out in the next coming months, adding to the use cases of 100xAltbase.

Altbase Digital Lead & Founder of Coinpresso. Liam manages our technical team and ensures that the website is running smoothly, and attracting organic traffic. He's a keen crypto enthusiast having been trading for 4 years.