Pacman: An All Time Great

It’s 5AM, May 2nd 2009.

Myself and many other Englishmen have burnt the midnight oil (and a fair bit of booze) in order to watch our at-the-time hero, Ricky ‘The Hitman’ Hatton, take on a Manny Pacquaio fresh off an eye-catching win against one of Mexico’s best - Miguel Cotto.

Despite that, we were quietly confident, we expected another World Champion to ‘bring it home’.

What happened during those 2 rounds changed the dynamic of Boxing forever.

It was Men Vs Boys stuff.

A flurry of punches to the body, hand speed not seen before - put our hero to the canvas before you could say 100xCoin.

Game Over. KO. Good night.

What Pacman then went on to do, absolute domination across EIGHT weight divisions, has been unrivaled in the sport since - and will probably never be matched again.

Only those who can even claim to be in the same league, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, and Floyd Mayweather JR - have still not accomplished feats across as many weight divisions.

Pacman ducks nobody. He fights anyone, anywhere, any purse. He is the complete champion and a future hall of famer for centuries to come.

And now? He’s part of the 100x Family.

100x and Pacman is OFFICIAL
100x and Pacman is OFFICIAL

"How Tall is Manny Pacquaio"? 1300 searches a month!

That’s what we are dealing with here. This isn’t a D List Celebrity. (He’s 5ft 6, if you’re wondering).

I always look at search volume (I'm biased like that) and the amount of different searches he has, across so many keyword variations is staggering. It shows how much people crave information about his life, and career.

This is a man with a reputation as one of the Pound for Pound greatest, holding the Ring Magazine accolade for an unmatched tenure of 4 years straight.

1300 people a month (on average) want to know how tall the guy is. He’s THAT big, and it stems from the briefly-alluded-to boxing career turned Senator, and genuine candidate in Filipino politics.

He is genuinely adored by his fans and country, synonymous with most sports fans and now politics enthusiasts worldwide.

1300 A Month On Average Search His Height
1300 A Month On Average Search His Height

What will this bring to 100xCoin?

It’s pretty obvious - but this deal will bring MILLIONS of new potential buyers to 100xCoin. Not only will we be receiving exposure on his socials, but we will be running a QR code based campaign whereby we can track scans and in-turn website visits from this campaign.

His average fight viewership? Around 2 Million - and that’s just legitimate PPV viewings. In reality, with the abundance of piracy and streaming in Boxing (and his massive following), the numbers will in reality be much higher.

But, he’s not JUST a boxer. He also brings an astonishing amount of credibility with his moves in looking to change the face of Filipino politics.

He isn’t just a tough guy, he’s a genuinely good guy too - and only associates with good projects and ideals. (Of course, he’s partnered with us.)

The leadup to the fight will see new users, the fight itself will see new users, highlights, tweets, you name it. All new exposure, to new retail investors who we are looking to target.

This will bring new wallet holders. Fact.

In-house design team caricature/graphic
In-house design team caricature/graphic

Who is he fighting?

Errol Spence JR. Current Unified Welterweight World Champ, and with a huge US following of his own. This is fight of the year if you're a puritan boxing fan.

Where will the fight be held?

The T Mobile Arena, one of the US most prominent boxing venues. The fight is being billed “The Generational Showdown”

What’s next for Pacman and 100xCoin?

He will be starting with some engagement tweets, and RTs. We will be adding logos to his apparel and training gear, of which will also get TV time up to the fight date, including in training camp etc.

This is the biggest partnership we have ever accomplished.

To sit here writing this article, as someone that has spent the last 12 years watching and idolizing him - it’s incredibly surreal to think we have got this across the line.

When that first bell goes, regardless of the result, we will be in for a fantastic show - and in-turn some new volume and interest.

This will be Box Office. Literally.

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