A Delay For The Right Reasons

Today, the 100x Community Team and their NanoDogeCoin counterparts, had a productive call regarding future engagement and listing of NanoDogeCoin on 100xAltbase.

NanoDogeCoin has made the decision to migrate their smart contract in around 2 weeks. This is great news in regards to their community, but also their Altbase listing. The NDC team had recently placed a pause on sales, with good intentions at heart, but perhaps not with the desired effect all-in-all.

Having a token listed that had a current pause on sales would not have placed well within our platform. Although the NanoDogeCoin community team members had a positive mindset with the pause, they ultimately listened to their community in regards to which direction to take. 

Listing transparent, community-driven projects is within the core fundamentals of Altbase.

NanoDogeCoin Listing Delayed for Migration


This was spoken of, and we heard it. This was one of the first things on the agenda for todays call, and actually it was approached head on. The intentions behind the selling embargo were genuine, to create some continuous buys and alleviate high LP.

Despite having advantageous points to their product offering, including passive income strategies and a token game online the team wanted to drive buys specifically with the pause.

It was purely marketed as an event to grow the marketcap, with the ban being lifted with certain tiers of marketcap, but admirably the team listened to feedback from the community and decided to do a full migration as opposed to potentially muddying the waters with a pause, and the potential "Honeypot" accusations that would have brought.

Even with 100xCoin, we understand that you don’t always get it right the first time of asking with a Smart Contract, and we empathize with them wanting to retrace some steps in this regard.

The listing will still be full steam in 2 weeks, subject to aforementioned changes
The listing will still be full steam in 2 weeks, subject to aforementioned changes

New Listing Date TBC

As with all migrations, these things can take a bit of time, whilst throwing up the odd curve-ball or two.

However, backed by a solid development team, NanoDogeCoin expect the migration to be completed approximately within the next 2 weeks, with a transfer of old tokens being available to their users indefinitely.

There will be a 48 hour window where tokens can be transferred on demand, however even after that window closes the team will still be able to swap tokens.

Actually, its highly admirable of them to acknowledge that maybe some mistakes were made in the past with the contract, and actually its best to address them now to set up future success.

Again, its a battle we identify with.

Altbase: Full Send

Altbase is currently reaching new ATH’s in terms of downloads, up 468% on the previous month-on-month period. The app is seeing hundreds of new users download every single day, landing from a variety of different mediums in our marketing funnel.

With iOS now available on the App Store, we are able to start replicating the work we have done on the Play Store, by optimising the listing and driving downloads through our site.

It really is an exciting time to be listed on Altbase!

Applications for new listings are open to viable projects, and can be made either via Twitter DM to our @100xCoin_ Official Twitter, or our New Crypto Coins Listing Competition.

Get listed on Altbase with 100xListing
Get listed on Altbase with 100xListing

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