The countdown continues as the NanoDogeCoin listing date gets ever closer!

‍The listing will go live on Sept 12 at 12PM PST, allowing users to buy the token on iOS and Android.

New Contract INDC to go live on Sept 12
New Contract INDC to go live on Sept 12

AMA on Sept 11

The listing will be accompanied by an AMA from the NanoDogeCoin core team, to answer the communities questions regarding the project and the token itself. The AMA is due to take place. A great chance to ask about the migration, or any of their product offering. Transparency is key!

NDC AMA 11th Sept - Be There
NDC AMA 11th Sept - Be There

NanoDogeCoin - The Passive Income Pioneers

‍Nanodogecoin and its community have accomplished some big feats in such a short time-frame but the goals of the team have not changed from its original objective.

The goal of the project is simple - provide a positive use case for the token while at the same time, rewarding the investors that choose NanoDogeCoin through innovative DeFi solutions.

Crypto passive income is a driving force behind the decisions made and each update is geared towards providing a better experience, with more rewards to investors and the community behind them.

NanoDogeCoin Mascot
NanoDogeCoin Mascot

Originally holders were rewarded with USDT just for holding the token, but in recent weeks the team have launched additional options through their new Dashboard feature that aims to give various options for staking and pooling, to earn tokens that include INDC, BTC, ETH, USDT and DOGE, with more on the way soon.

The options at present include features like Dual Staking - a feature that enables stakers to earn NDC Rewards & USDT Reflections that users can compound with 0% fees. Something not seen before on the BSC.

New Smart Contract Launched

‍The biggest move for INDC was the migration to a new smart contract at the beginning of September. The change was made to enable a lower liquidity, in a push to increase overall market cap and to entice new investment. 

‍At the same time the migration removed limitations in the previous contract that held back the project's ambitions, and also opened a new array of options for possible use cases.

Altbase - A Different Kind Of Listing

A listing with Altbase is more than just your typical listing, with a wide range of options available to help push a project outside of the exchange itself through effective click-funnel campaigns designed to reach new investors.

NanoDogeCoin joins a long list of new token offerings being made available to the Altbase app but is certainly the most anticipated and the listing we are most excited about.

All of the new token offerings including NanoDogeCoin, are all easy to acquire on Altbase with nothing more than some BNB, that can be purchased quickly and easily using only a debit or credit card, all within the app itself. 

A move that for projects like NanoDogeCoin, gives a new and simple way for investors to obtain their tokens, a service that exchanges like PancakeSwap cannot offer.

Stay tuned for September 12th, after much delay the listing for NanoDogeCoin on Altbase is finally here.

Altbase: The Home of Altcoins
Altbase: The Home of Altcoins

You can download Altbase from either The Google Play Store or The Apple Play Store now!

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