NanoDogeCoin Listed on Altbase

Another big day, and another huge listing confirmed for 100xAltbase with the addition of NanoDogeCoin - officially announced today.

We are sure you have all heard of NanoDogeCoin by now, the community driven token with charity at the forefront of everything they do and if not, fear not, because we are going to go in depth into everything this project has in store. 

Welcome NanoDogeCoin to the Altbase Family
Welcome NanoDogeCoin to the Altbase Family!

What is NanoDogeCoin?

Not to be confused with a similarly-named coin, NanoDogeCoin is a BSC community driven charity token with a passion for animal welfare while at the same time, giving holders the opportunity to earn real USDT. A massive win-win for both holders and for our furry friends in need!

A big positive for NanoDogeCoin is the marketing fund to seek out both new investors and partnering charities. A portion of every transaction allocated specifically to help spread the word about the wonderful things this project is achieving and how great it really is.

The project aims to use their reach with help from their large community to change animal welfare around the globe and to make the whole process fun while doing so. 

NanoDogeCoin Available to Buy from Aug 24
NanoDogeCoin Available to Buy from Aug 24

Charity At the Forefront

The NanoDogeCoin project regularly donates a portion of their profits to smaller charities around the globe. 

The charities chosen put a focus on rescuing and rehoming our canine friends from all sorts of situations, from animal abuse to helping find homes for those dogs without.

At present, the team are partnering with a new charity every 3 days, with the announced organisation also receiving free advertising via NanoDogeCoin’s very own social network with thousands of followers as well as a featured spot on their website. 

This allows the community to admire and fall in love with the work they do and encourages more support for these amazing causes.

Passive Income

One of the biggest benefits of NanoDogeCoin is the ability for investors to passively earn income with crypto, while doing nothing more than “hodling” their tokens. One of the biggest perceived benefits of NanoDogeCoin is its status as a passive income crypto.

Holders of NanoDogeCoin automatically receive a percentage of every transaction, in and out of the token as a USDT reward. No work needed on your end other than to sit back and watch your wallet grow.

It’s All About Community

NanoDogeCoin is a community focused token with community involvement being the driving force behind everything they do. The team believes that community is the bedrock and foundation of anything worth creating so they have shaped this token to have as much community involvement as possible.

The team behind NanoDogeCoin aim to incorporate investors and the community in general, into every step and decision along the way. Important decisions around charity partnerships, brand ambassadors and plans for future growth, all decided by the community.

Where to buy

As we mentioned above, the launch of NanoDogeCoin is a big one for the 100xAltbase ecosystem and it joins a catalogue of sensational projects. 

You can easily purchase NanoDogeCoin via the Altbase from 24th Aug, and the app is available now in the Google Play Store. No slippage, no errors and no hassle. Alternatively, the usual methods are available such as Pancake.

The launch of NanoDogeCoin tops off a stellar week for the 100xAltbase app with an exponential increase in listings, downloads and users with no signs of slowing down any time soon.

The best part is… The listing requests keep on coming so watch this space for more news on what is in store in the near future, there will be plenty.

We, and NanoDogeCoin - are just getting started!

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