Octaplex Network To List On Altbase

Another quality listing is set to take place at 12PM PST on the 4th of October, Octaplex and its native token $PLX are due to be listed on the Altbase mobile application.

Octaplex is an ecosystem network, and frictionless yield concept that is built on the Binance Smart Chain - with a new template to reward investors that is like nothing previously seen in regards to rewards.

Octaplex Network is on Altbase

Octaplex - A Frictionless Yield Ecosystem On The BSC

‍The Octaplex ecosystem is designed to mutually benefit both investors, and the projects they partner with.

The core goal for the team is to create a new template for the future development of DeFi projects, by connecting numerous different tokens and the projects behind them, to enable investors to choose their own rewards in multiple different coins and tokens.

The Octaplex cryptocurrency rewards program is focused on providing choice, for both the crypto reward selection, and the ratio of rewards that a user chooses to collect.

Octaplex Network - Interoperable by Nature

The need to work cross-chain, and be truly interoperable - is at the very heart of the Octaplex ecosystem. Allowing users greater access to different blockchains, without the need for multiple swaps and wallets is of paramount importance.

‍The concept being that if the ecosystem is frictionless and easy-to-use, the native token offering will reap the rewards. Octaplex aims to create this interoperability with the use of cross-chain bridge integration to their network, and is a fast approaching development milestone.

Customisable, Multi-Token Rewards

Rewards currently include 12 different pegged token options that users can choose from to earn in rewards. This list is expected to increase shortly as projects come on board with the Octaplex service.

The list of available token rewards currently include pegged versions of BNB, BUSD, BTC, ADA, ETH, MATIC, XRP, 4 token’s of their trusted partners and their native token PLX, with more planned to be added as the system develops.

The Octaplex Network plans to add a new token from a partnered project each week, ensuring the options for rewards are continually updating.

Octaplex Enabling Endless Reward Options

The stand out feature for the Octaplex system is the ability to not only earn multi-token rewards, but users of the network and holders of PLX, also have the option to completely customize their reward selection in ways no other platform provides.

Users are able to select individual percentages of each token that they wish to receive, with up to 6 token choices. The predetermined amount is 75% BNB, and 25% in PLX, but users are able to customize this selection whenever they see fit through the Octaplex dApp.

An example of of how a user can tailor their own rewards can be something like this:

40% in PLX – 20% in BTC – 20% in BNB – 15% in BTC – 5% in BUSD – or any other combination they prefer. 

Refined Crypto Marketing by Coinpresso

The development team at Octaplex are particularly smart, as they have chosen to use a crypto specific marketing agency in order to drive traffic to their proposition. Compressor are the Number 1 Crypto Marketing Agency for performance, and subsequently Octaplex have chosen them for their marketing for the next 6 months. This is a clear choice in favour of sustainable marketing, powered by digital marketing such as SEO.

Coinpresso are proven Crypto Marketing Specialists
Coinpresso are proven Crypto Marketing Specialists

Altbase And Octaplex AMA

‍In preparation for the big launch of Octaplex on Altbase, the two projects will be holding an AMA to give the communities of both projects the opportunity to ask questions, find out more about the Octaplex Network, and meet the developers behind the platform.

Octaplex AMA with Altbase on October 3rd 2021

October 4th - Octaplex Goes Live On Altbase

‍The listing of Octaplex on the 4th of Oct is a big moment for both projects, as together they hold very similar values towards the cryptocurrency space. Both aim to provide a fair and safe way for investors to buy tokens, by having a strong anti-rug stance, and fully vetting the projects they partner with. This gives investors more peace of mind, and adds an extra layer of safety, which is something that is very much needed in this current market.

Altbase is proud to list a quality project like Octaplex, and have the PLX token join the ever growing ensemble of altcoins available.

From the 4th of Oct, PLX is available to purchase through the Altbase app which is available on both iOS and Android.

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