Shilling Crypto: Good or Bad?

Found yourself questioning the motive of somebody shilling crypto? You’re not alone. In an industry inundated in grey areas, rug pulls and exit scams - it’s hard to see genuine reason from that of the typical internet fraudster.

Even CryptoDefinitions have a genuinely negative overview of shilling crypto:

Shilling is a term used to describe the excessive and shameless promotion of a coin or token. Shilling is mostly done in an attempt to entice potential investors; thus increasing the amount of buying activity and raising the market price. Individuals may also shill a particular cryptocurrency if they were paid to promote that coin or token.

Although I wouldn’t ever argue with such a credible resource to the community - I think shilling crypto has ultimately been given a bad name by those who do it - than the act of marketing and promotion it inherently carries.

Image of 100xCoin Meme Coin Master Shiller Contest

How to Shill Crypto effectively

It all starts with the project, and ultimately the use-cases you are looking to articulate to interest parties. These are both crucial points. If the project sounds like a joke, and you can’t deliver the use cases in an informative fashion - go back to the drawing board. You should be able to discuss the genuine benefits of the coin in your sleep.

Shilling is ultimately another form of cryptocurrency marketing. When done effectively, wallet holders can exponentially increase as your message spreads throughout social media and other online platforms. As wallet holders increase, it’s reasonable to say that volume increases too. 

So, how can you effectively shill crypto - in the “right” way? Here’s some pointers:

  • Provide genuine information
  • Talk Tokenomics
  • No Spam
  • Don't disparage other projects
  • Give genuine insights into the coins use cases and projects

It’s a pretty simple cheat sheet that’ll have you providing your social circles with qualitative opinion - as opposed to potentially being earmarked as a modern-day double glazing salesman. Of course - typical channels of cryptocurrency marketing cannot be ignored, but it’s the repetitive day-to-day promotion from the community that is directly tangible to overall success. If you’re asking yourself how to shill crypto, for the good of your project and thus investment - adhere by the above steps and you won’t go far wrong.

Why Shilling Crypto is ultimately good:

As long as people feel you’re providing something reasonable, they’ll be open to hearing about it - especially if it’s a project with as many genuine use cases - and such a strong community as 100xCoin. Great tokenomics, anti-rug pull and an incredibly transparent founder and project leader - Ken Llamas.

See what I did there? It really is that simple.

Provide genuine facts - and substantiate with use cases. 

You’ll find significantly less “degens” amongst the fanfare of Crypto Twitter giving you a hard time. People are genuinely more receptive when they feel they are being provided value. This takes precedent in forms of all walks of life - not just within cryptocurrency marketing.

CZ (Binance) - The King of Shilling

Coming back to our definitions argument - the term shilling needs an appraisal. It could be argued that everyone shills. Bill Gates shills Microsoft, Elon Musk shills Doge (No, not Tesla), and Gordon Ramsay shills telling people to f**k off. And lets face it - they’ve all done reasonably well in life.

So, let’s rid ourselves of the bias that revolves around shilling and start promoting our investments, not only for our own gain - but to impart wisdom on others too. 

Knowledge is power - but shilling is cool too!

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