We have come a long way!

Wondering how a meme coin 100xCoin got to where it is today? Fear not because we are here to take you for a stroll down memory lane. Well... all three months of it. So get your flux capacitor ready and hop into the DeLorean, we’re going places!

Who is Ken the Crypto?

Every good protagonist needs an origin story. Ken The Crypto also known as Ken Llamas was just seven years old when his family decided to move from the Philippines to the United States. Having gone to school for three years to become a nurse, Ken had a realisation that the nine to five lifestyle just wasn't for him. 

In 2017 Ken was first introduced to Bitcoin. Just like any other responsible college student, He decided the best thing to do was to use his $1000 college grant to buy into the crypto craze. His fast increasing portfolio gave him the confidence to start creating content specifically on YouTube - where Ken would find a new passion.

Ken The Crypto - Founder of 100xCoin

Fast forward to 2020 Ken had made the decision to move back in with his parents and instead of using the money for his own place, Ken would invest into creating his own cryptocurrency at the time known as 100xElon.

The Birth of 100xElon

100xElon was born from the frustration Ken and a friend were having from being constantly scammed and rug pulled. The idea was experimental, however Ken wanted to create a coin with his name out there so investors would have confidence in the project.

Within just the first hour of the tokens launch 100xElon reached a peak of 5 million dollars in market cap. The unexpected success came as a surprise, yet it didn't come without issues. The current tokenomics did not incentivise investors to hold, bots were consistently swing trading which kept prices low and the small liquidity pool meant there was little money actually backing the coin.

However after seeing the potential of the project and the strong community 100xElon had behind it, Ken decided to take the gamble and go all in. Deciding to move the project on to a new smart contract and taking on the full time role as CEO of the newly rebranded 100xCoin.

100xCoin Above and Beyond

Better tokenomics developed meant that there was now more money backing the project, buyers were incentivised to hold their coins rather than sell early and bots were now being identified and black listed from the contract.

After Ken and the 100xCoin team had manually swapped all holders coins to the new smart contract, It was finally time for launch. Unexpectedly adversity would strike again as the first launch had some technical issues. However, just like any other day, Ken continued to go live on YouTube and was completely transparent throughout the whole process.

On the 13th of April 100xCoin relaunched again and this time it was a great success. The price had skyrocketed in the first 20 mins eclipsing the previous prices of 100xElon over 10 times along with the addition of thousands of new wallet addresses.

Image of 100xCoin Meme Coin Growth Trajectory

Jumping forward into the present month, 100xCoin has grown rapidly. Conquering all goals it has set out to. With a peak of 80 million dollars in market cap and over 57 thousand holders it's hard to not get excited about the future. Here’s a list of just some of the accomplishments 100xCoin has been able to achieve in two months:

  • Listings on BKEX, Provit And CoinPaprika
  • Professional NFL Players Signed Including: Dakoda Shepley, Zach Wood, and Adrian Rose
  • Professional MMA Fighter: Keith "KO Kid" Berry
  • Professional Boxers Sponsored: Frank Sanchez, Elwin Soto Castro & Rolando Romero
  • Working with Musicians including KC Pozzy and Ralvero
  • New Website Launched
  • Altbase App Launched
  • Charity Event in Los Angeles
Image of Rolando Romero now partnered with 100xCoin Meme Coin

Going Forward

100xCoin is just getting started. With the amount that has been accomplished in the space of two months, the sky, or indeed the moon - is the limit. There are plenty more exciting milestones to be reached in the near future. Altbase is set to change the game regarding transacting on the BSC, with the App Beta available through invite only on Telegram. Add the group today, and request an invite code. More information can be found on the official roadmap

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