The Best is Yet to Come for 100xCoin

Ok, addressing it head-on, fight-night did not deliver what was expected, nor what was signed-up for.

Everything was in place as was articulated, and contracts were in place assuring the community team of those contract elements until the last moment. The goalposts were changed (by other teams) and it was left for Ken to pick up the pieces, at the T-Mobile Arena, in quick time.

For what he was able to pull off, by SOME way of compensation, drafting in Mark Magsayo literally as the guy was doing his ring walk, says a lot about Ken as a person and also this project's longevity.

Massive congratulations to Mark by the way, who actually reminded me of Manny of old. The irony. He delivered a fantastic performance and savage knockout, and paraded his 100x shirt with pride and joy.

He was a great credit to the sport and himself, and had over 7000 users on the site at one time due to his camera time, after delivering the punch of the whole night. He was definitely a positive.

Mark Magsayo ft WBO Belt and 100x QR Code
Mark Magsayo ft WBO Belt and 100x QR Code

Acting with Integrity

Ken could have just outed the facts and caused a s**t-storm, but he played the hand he was dealt and did the next best thing available to him in the circumstances. That has to be acknowledged.

Sure, it wasn’t what was in the initial deal nor what anyone wanted from the outset, but it was a showing of commitment from someone chucked under the bus at the last minute.

Ken addressed with a video soon after
Ken addressed with a video soon after

This was Ken thinking on his feet, and doing what he could to salvage the night after things out of his control turned sour. It was actually a monumental showcase of integrity for him to use his own funds, out-bidding Magsayo’s at-the-time sponsor - in order to get the QR code on TV.

I honestly have huge respect for the guy. He did what he could when the chips were down.

There's projects out there rugging all over the show, however when Ken essentially gets rugged himself, he stood up and was counted in the best way possible given the circumstances.

This is the characteristics of someone who is here for the long haul, and has a genuine commitment to this project far outweighing just a financial sense. He felt the pain probably more than anyone, and had to be the one to tell you all when the s**t hit the fan.

Now, we dust ourselves down and we focus on what good there is to come. There's plenty!

Moving on, with Altbase at the fore

With that in mind, let’s cast our attention to the product that other communities are queuing up to be a part of - 100xAltbase.

It’s easy to forget in the events of the last 24 hours the achievements that have been made, however with iOS now live with wallet functions, and Play Store downloads going through the roof - we are starting to build something that brings people to us, instead of us going to them.

That’s what this is all about. Creating a unique product offering that substantiates Altbase, and native-token 100xCoin as future-proof financial products, for years to come.

iOS live now, with buy/sell build getting ever closer
iOS live now, with buy/sell build getting ever closer

100xCoin has evolved. No longer just a token, Altbase has 100x and those listed, rubbing shoulders with the best apps in Crypto. Page 1 of the Play Store (And app store soon) is no joke, and actually is where we will pick up most of our organic users, on a daily basis.

This is a much bigger play than any fight could offer.

Building a Market Leading Crypto App

Robinhood for memecoins/altcoins wasn’t just a catchphrase. This is the long-term play of which we have very clear signs our strategy is already working. This is, and will always be our main method of attack as we look to substantiate 100x and Altbase as key players in Crypto, as a product and decentralized, native-token.

Take a look at for example. Their native token $CRO didn't moon by itself, it took time and building a proper product around it, of which CRO is the token powering it all. The concept is exactly the same with 100xCoin and Altbase.

The mission is one of the big leagues., Coinbase, Binance. We will not give up until we get there.

Download 100xAltbase on iOS or Play Store today, and buckle up for the ride.

Altbase Digital Lead & Founder of Coinpresso. Liam manages our technical team and ensures that the website is running smoothly, and attracting organic traffic. He's a keen crypto enthusiast having been trading for 4 years.