Purchasing new crypto coins has proven to be a difficult task for the average retail buyer. The complexity and intricacy of these transactions have created a difficult barrier to entry for some individuals looking to dip a toe in the water.

The 100x team has addressed this problem by creating their very own app to ease the complex buying process so that anyone can easily purchase cryptocurrency. 

Altbase is a game-changer. The app which is currently available on the android store and soon on the ios store will allow for seamless purchases of altcoins and will  soon feature many other BSC coins. No more dealing with failed transactions, slippage tolerance, and a buggy interface. 100xAltbase will allow for new crypto coins to be easily acquired by allowing users to buy meme coins directly through their credit cards.

This step-by-step guide will walk users through the 100xAltbase interface, showing an in-depth overview of how to register for an account and navigate through the other many features the app provides.

Setting up 100xAltbase

When first opening the app, you will be asked to enter in some personal details to register for an account. As 100xAltbase is currently in beta testing, you will also need an invitation code to activate your account. You can obtain an invitation code by requesting one in the official 100xCoin telegram.

100xAltbase Pre-Signup Screen
100xAltbase Pre-Signup Screen

You will then be sent a verification code to your email address, which will be used to activate your account and bring you to the next step.

Enter your verification code
Enter your verification code

The next step is to set up your wallet. If you already have a wallet, proceed to linking by continuing to Import wallet. If you don't currently use an online wallet, click the orange button that says create wallet.

Wallet Setup Screen: 100xAltbase
Wallet Setup Screen: 100xAltbase

If you have decided to create a wallet in the 100xAltbase app, you will need to set up your recovery words. It’s critical to store these words somewhere safe as they will be used to access your wallet if you somehow forget your password. Just like any other crypto wallet, you will not be able to access it if you forget your password and lose your recovery words.

Setup your recovery phrase and keep secure
Setup your recovery phrase and keep secure

Enter the recovery words in the correct order to finish setting up your account.

Navigating through 100xAltbase

The 100xAltbase home page boast a silky smooth UI, that displays live prices for 100xCoin and BNB, along with the percentage change in the prices and your wallets balance for these coins. The home screen also makes it simple to access buying, sending/receiving coins and live graphs.

Clicking the Buy button under the 100xCoin logo will allow you to purchase 100xCoins directly from the app to your wallet in one seamless transaction. The highly anticipated ability to buy 100xCoin directly from a credit card, will be coming later this week, which will finally allow users to skip many complicated steps that are required from other exchanges.

100xAltbase Buy button under the 100xCoin logo Image

If you prefer to purchase 100xCoin with BNB, you can! You can do this by sending BNB to your 100xAltbase wallet. On the homescreen under BNB, click the Receive button. An address will appear that can be used to receive BNB coins exclusively. Just remember to only send BEP20 tokens.

Homescreen under BNB Image

Once you’ve finished purchasing your 100xCoins, monitoring the live prices is simple. By tapping the Track button on the home screen, users will be able to see live charts and prices. You will also be able to buy and send 100xCoin from the bottom of the screen.

View Crypto Charts on 100xAltbase
View Crypto Charts on 100xAltbase

Inviting friends is also made effortless. By pressing the Invite button at the bottom of the screen, you will be able to enter a friend's email address. An invitation code will be sent to them, which they can use to register for their own 100xAltbase account.

Image How to Invite Friends to 100xAltbase
Invite Friends to 100xAltbase

Why is 100xAltbase set for success?

The 100xCoin dev team has stated they will be taking on suggestions from the public to better the app and implement new features as they continually update 100xAltbase.

New crypto coins will also be traded and stored on 100xAltbase in the near future, with a focus on primarily meme coins with strong use cases. Ken has also hinted at a feature that allows users to pay from crypto to fiat simply by tapping their phone just like how you would with a credit card. 

What was once considered a meme coin has proven to be one of the most exciting projects of 2021. Now with the release of the official 100xCoin app, the solar system is the limit. So what are you waiting for? Download 100xAltbase today!

You can find out more about 100xCoin here.

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