Finally! We are there.

Welcome to the new and improved Altbase website. This blog is ideally a run-through of the new ecosystem, the new website, application, token, and the overall modus operandi of the entire product suite.

Welcome Altbase altcoin exchange

There have been a significant number of changes to all of the above, and this will provide a thorough understanding of what to expect from Altbase moving forward.

The Altbase Ecosystem

Altbase has evolved to become a brand that incorporates a much more comprehensive range of products and services in the altcoin and cryptocurrency space.

The previous 100x branding has been removed and replaced with a much simpler name  - Altbase and is the uniformed name for everything across the board inside the ecosystem.

The Altbase ecosystem currently includes the application, the Altbase token, the project partnerships, listing competition, and the website with future development in the works for more additions. This list will only get more diverse, and it will pay to stay tuned for what the community development team has in store next.

The New Website

Altbase altcoin exchange homepage screenshot

The new website has experienced a thorough overhaul, and now that the site is live, we can go through the latest additions and updates.

The page is now more streamlined and offers a much quicker experience for users, with faster load times and a more straightforward UI that makes the experience simple and easy to navigate.

There is now the inclusion of informational listed coins pages for partnered projects that are listed within the app. These pages are designed to give users and investors a thorough understanding of the projects that Altbase lists to enable smarter choices when purchasing.

The Altbase Application

Altbase app account screenshot image
Altbase app coin list screenshot

The Altbase application - previously known as 100xAltbase, is more than just a place to buy the latest altcoins and meme coins. Altbase itself is a service that works with projects that they list to develop their reach to a wider audience. This only further enhances the growth of the projects they list and brings more investors to both the project and the Altbase application at the same time. Think of it like a symbiotic relationship that is a win-win for everyone involved.

The application itself has undergone an extensive refresh that will provide a cleaner user interface and more options for users than previous versions, with the update being made available to both iOS and Android customers soon.

The Altbase Native Token - $ALTB

Altbase has made some significant changes to the name and tokenomics of the native token that will have some big impacts on the way the token interacts within the Altbase application.

Previously known as 100xCoin, the new Altbase Token will have a new name, reduced tax on transactions, and a reduced supply. Each update to the token has been carefully orientated towards increasing the use-case of the token and enabling it to really become an effective trading pair within the platform.

The Altbase Brand

Altbase altcoin exchange logo V1

Altbase is now the brand that will transform into something unique and will soon establish itself as a product that will stand tall with the prominent players in the industry. The drive and determination from the community team have shown itself to be resilient, and the vision for the project is for long-term success. 

Many more updates will be announced, with each one carefully configured to drive this vision for success even further.

Altbase Digital Lead & Founder of Coinpresso. Liam manages our technical team and ensures that the website is running smoothly, and attracting organic traffic. He's a keen crypto enthusiast having been trading for 4 years.