No, I'm not joking, it's better.

For new projects, reaching potential investors is everything. Nearly every project in existence has a basic website, Twitter account, Telegram group and a published white paper. It is the industry standard.

For a project to reach new users, organic traffic is second to none and this is where a service like 100xListing, and specifically Altbase stands out well above all other exchange offerings at present.

Why? Because with Altbase and 100xListing, there is a better way to list your altcoin project whilst also receiving continuous marketing support throughout the entire journey.

Traffic to the site of the project, not money-hungry exchanges.

100xListing - The way to market your project without paying exchanges for a 24h Candle
100xListing - The way to market your project without paying exchanges for a 24h Candle

The Problems With Exchanges

With more than 500 active cryptocurrency exchanges currently operating worldwide, trading coins and tokens has become an incredibly fast growing trend. Buying, selling, or trading the crypto market, whether it be in altcoins or the more dominant Bitcoin, can be a very lucrative and rewarding experience if done correctly.

But unfortunately the shine can quickly become dull if the service you are using is inhibiting your experience. Ever had funds held up on an exchange? Infuriating. Not had a support ticket answered for 100 years? Yep, been there.

And then? When you actually want to take some profit, the exchange goes down for maintenance/frozen. It happens time and time again.

It doesn't stop there either. Wait until you actually list with these guys. Take your money, provide a poor service, and give you perhaps an hourly green as payback for an investment of over $70k. This is not marketing.

Why do coin founders/communities feel that paying for an exchange listing is marketing? It isn't. It's just the monopoly that they have created, and how exchanges have created an imbalance of power, massively in their favour.

The Cost of Listing is a joke

It doesn't stop there either. Wait until you actually list with these guys. Take your money, provide a poor service, and give you perhaps an hourly green as payback for an investment of over $70k. This is not marketing.

They get the traffic, the users, and the point of sale. Why? This is our product they are selling, yet they make all the money and keep all the equity to their site afterwards? It's honestly bonkers.

Doing it for the sake of it

Most coin founders or communities will list with an exchange because they inherently believe it will provide a parabolic chart, but that honestly could not be further from the truth. There is no other like-for-like alternative where such vasts of money are paid to companies to give them business in return. No other industry works like this, because, it's bonkers.

Most actually don't understand what Crypto Marketing is. They will follow the crowd to scale a project as "thats what they did and they pumped." This school of thought will get you nowhere.

How will you continue to bring traffic to your proposition after the listing date?

What Click-Funnel do you have in place to continue driving volume?

Most, won't have an answer. The exchange listing itself is "marketing". Well, I'm telling you here and now - it isn't.

100x is hiring for App Developers
Thats why 100x is hiring for App Developers, to build our own product, instead of someone elses

100xListing and Altbase: An Organic Strategy

One of the major benefits of Altbase and 100xListing is the team behind their highly targeted digital strategies, using search engines like Google to not only list projects but elevate the project to levels previously unseen and bring traffic to their site, as opposed to traffic being directed to exchanges.

Effective marketing, when done right, changes the equation for both experienced and first time investors plus provides the ability for projects to take every opportunity available to build trust between them and their target audience. The very nature of crypto is to DYOR, where will most investors look for info? Google.

100xListing builds traffic to clients websites
100xListing builds traffic to clients websites, not exchanges

When a project utilizes 100xListing, the options for them to expand their reach through SEO is something no other exchange has offered before to this level of refinement. Target your own keywords, your own ideal end user, and build your own funnel.

Why would you choose a 1 day candle, over a 6 month organic strategy, with specialists working on your website visibility every single day? Those that commit for those lengths of time, are projects that actually have a future instead of chasing pumps. 

Imagine being top of Google for your chosen search terms
Imagine being top of Google for your chosen search terms? itself currently ranks number one on Google for the “buy altcoins” search term while also being number one on Google Play Store for “Altcoin Exchange”, putting themselves above even the biggest exchanges like Binance and Coinbase when searching for exchanges.

This itself bring hundreds of organic potential customers to the listed projects every single day without the need for paid advertisements 

The integrated “Featured Coin” feature is constantly updated and ensures promotions gain maximum exposure on the front page of the number one app.

Since its inception the exponential growth of Altbase has been impressive and shows no sign of slowing down. The listings have been fast and frequent with user feedback being increasingly positive.

Drive Traffic to Sites, Not Exchanges

The community team have demonstrated how smart marketing can be the difference between being noticed while ranking number one or falling behind in the crowd on page two.

100xListing is a refined crypto marketing strategy, utilising publishers like Bloomberg and Coin Telegraph to reach new audiences, whilst driving Google Search results.

The ability for an app like Altbase to not only list projects on their easy to use interface but to also push a project to number one on search engines like Google for their chosen keywords is a package few if any exchanges can compete with.

The proof is in the results and demonstrates that even smaller projects can outperform the larger players when a team of dedicated SEO experts get behind them and drive their marketing efforts to their own site, instead of 3rd party sites like PooCoin, or exchanges themselves.

100xCoin: A Native Token

Using the native token 100xCoin, an altcoin built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), problems similar Dapps experience like high slippage and transaction errors are gone.

One of the most effective features of the app is the ability to purchase tokens directly from fiat, quickly and easily with a debit or credit card. The ease of transferring and purchasing different tokens on this exchange in particular makes the process simple for newbie traders and holders.

Combining the savvy and affordable marketing packages, the constant development from the backend team, input from a strong community, fresh new listings and proven results, Altbase is a force to be reckoned with.

It appears Altbase has not only provided a fresh spin on how to list new tokens and market projects, it has also made the process easy for both clients and investors. At the same time, eliminating some of the problems other exchanges and defi apps have in the process, finally. 

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Altbase Digital Lead & Founder of Coinpresso. Liam manages our technical team and ensures that the website is running smoothly, and attracting organic traffic. He's a keen crypto enthusiast having been trading for 4 years.