XRP - Now Available On Altbase

XRP has been listed on Altbase and is available for users to swap for BNB. Whilst just the tokenized form at present, this is very much a statement of intent in regards to Altbase greater multicoin functionality. 

XRP is one of the largest projects by market cap, has one of the longest and most well known histories in the space and an extremely committed and dedicated following - The XRP Army. 

As of this week, XRP is available alongside a growing list of new crypto coins on the Altbase app and users are now able to buy, sell, trade, and hold XRP from any smartphone, almost anywhere in the world.

Tokenized XRP is now available on Altbase
Tokenized XRP is now available on Altbase!

XRP - Aimed At Changing The Financial Industry

‍XRP was primarily designed to be the native token for everything from payment settlements, asset exchange and remittance systems with the aim of being adopted by the larger financial system, including banks and intermediaries as a means of international money transfers.

Ripples overall goal was to be a replacement or a continuation of the present SWIFT system currently in place with most banks worldwide.


‍XRP and the company behind the famous token “Ripple” have taken a monumental amount of media attention over the previous year with its legal pursuit of regulatory clarity against the SEC. The SEC claims that XRP is an investment contract under the famous “Howey Test” and in turn, defines the token as a security instead of a non security asset like gold or fine art.

The ongoing chess match between the two sides is still undecided and at this stage, could go either way without a settlement, which is something many predict will be the probable outcome.

The decision made in this open-ended battle could have ramifications that dictate the future of cryptocurrencies as this case could determine future regulations of the entire market.

Whether or not assets like cryptocurrencies are to be classed as securities or non-securities rests solely on the shoulders of Ripple and its defense team at this point in time while we are all eagerly awaiting the outcome from the sidelines.

Non-Stop Updates For Altbase

‍By listing XRP on the Altbase system, it is another step towards multi-chain adoption for the app. Initially the listing of XRP is the pegged BEP20 version of the token, with a move planned alongside coming updates to bring the original over soon.

A focus for Altbase is not only the many projects being created on the Binance Smart Chain but for other technologies and networks to give a more diversified array of quality listings to its users. 

XRP is one of many projects to be listed over the recent weeks with an ever expanding list of projects across many different blockchain technologies waiting to get on board as well as the app expecting a sizable amount of updates and releases over the coming month.

Increasing the variety of token offerings is a major focus for the development team who are continuously listening to community feedback and listing the projects that are being shouted the loudest. The new “Listing Competition” is a solid example of Altbase providing another channel to the already vocal communities of crypto to get their voices heard by enabling them to vote for projects to be listed and make real change.

Now that XRP is finally listed on Altbase, traders and investors now have an easy option for purchasing the token as well as a range of others, from fiat simply and easily using nothing more than a debit or credit card. No more lengthy verification process and zero hassles.

Altbase: Available on iOS and Android
Altbase: Available on iOS and Android

Cross-Chain Moves

‍One big move that has us at the Altbase community excited is the upcoming cross-chain move to bridge 100xCoin to the Polygon, Solana and Avalanche networks, expected before the end of September. This is a sign the development team is listening to the community, aiming to branch this project out to be at the forefront of technological improvements with increased multi chain adoption.

Previously this week, the buy and sell feature for the iOS version of the Altbase app went live so now iOS users can purchase 100XCoin, XRP, BNB and a range of other tokens, something previously only available on Android. 

Listing XRP was a major move for Altbase and we are proud to have listed the project at the centre of so much attention. XRP and the simplistic nature of Altbase will undoubtedly bring a wave of both attention and investors looking for an easy way to buy the altcoin that is constantly in the headlines.

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