The Altbase NFT Marketplace


What is Altbase NFT Marketplace?

Not just an app, Altbase will soon be providing a fully-fledged NFT marketplace that offers exclusive NFT art in collaboration with listed partners and projects of Altbase.
The Marketplace is currently being built and will be launched as its own platform by the end of Q4 2021


Buy NFT Art & Rare Collectibles

For a chance to buy these rare colletibles, users will need to stake Altbase Token for a chance to participate in bidding. These limited edition NFTs will initially be auctioned off on Altbase Marketplace. Users will also be able to buy crypto art on the secondary market as normal.

Exciting Launches

Altbase Marketplace will be launching very soon, with plenty of exciting partnerships lined up throughout the year. You won’t want to miss out on the most exciting NFT crypto project on the Binance Smart Chain.

What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token is a unique digital asset that can’t be replaced or copied due to blockchain technology. Just like the same way Bitcoin can’t be copied and pasted. Unlike cryptocurrencies, NFTs are one of a kind, making sort after ones very valuable.

What are NFT Crypto Platforms?

NFT crypto platforms are used to buy NFT art, however, users can also decide to sell bought NFTs, potentially increasing the value through bidding features on the platform. This secondary market allows buyers to obtain previously limited NFTs, usually for a premium while providing another alternative way for users to trade crypto.

Get Notified When Altbase NFTs Drop

Get notified and don’t miss out on limited chances to buy nft art. Get on our notification list to be among the first to know when Altbase Token has NFT drops live for purchase.

Who Gets Paid?

Our tokenomics for our NFT crypto platform is still under construction, the current split is 45% to athlete/celebrity, 10% to our partners’ choice of charity, and 45% to Altbase.

The tokenomics and platform itself are still under construction, however a big emphasis will be placed on paying artists properly, and funding marketplace development.


Startup phase: 6AM 12/23 6AM UTC - 6AM 12/24 6AM UTC | Trading Starts: 9AM 12/24 UTC