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Altbase security basics

What are the security basics Altbase users should know?

Altbase is a completely safe altcoin exchange to trade on. Still, with all of the safety in place by us and the blockchain networks which the cryptocurrencies are traded on, it is still necessary for each individual to observe safety measures personally for themselves.

We have prepared some based crypto and blockchain safety measures for every user to be mindful of and practice on their own.

  • Never share your seed phrase.
  • Make sure mobile and/or wifi network is secure.
  • Do not answer strange messages, emails or click strange links.
  • Close all apps and connections after use.

The points listed are just a few reminders and tips to maintain safety on the internet and while trading on the Altbase app. The seed phrase you either got when setting up your Altbase account, or the one you imported, should never be shared with anyone.

Altbase will never ask you for your information

We will never contact you and ask for any sensitive information. If you are contacted by someone saying they represent Altbase and ask you for your seed phrase or other sensitive info, block and report to an available channel for an alert and record to be made. Email us whenever possible in case of a common attack or attempted breach.

Anyone contacting you unsolicited is not Altbase. Keep your WiFi and mobile connections secure. If you can avoid it, do not trade on public networks, and be aware of your surroundings whenever trading in public.

See the section on beware of scams next.

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