What is Altbase mobile app exactly?

Altbase is a mobile-based altcoin exchange. The Altbase coin - $ALTB  is established and tradable on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. $ALTB is the native cryptocurrency to the Altbase ecosystem and network.

On the Altbase exchange, users are able to trade altcoins and larger cryptocurrencies, currently available through Binance, like Binance pegged BTC, Ethereum and Cardano. The main focus of Altbase is found in its nomenclature. Altbase is all about the Altcoins, so new and established ones can always be found tradable on our altcoin exchange.

What can I do on Altbase?

In Addition to users being able to buy and sell cryptocurrency on the Altbase exchange, other utilities exist for the Altbase app that aid users’ cryptocurrency trading and search for information.

For active traders and also users who may not yet be ready to actively trade, information on each individual cryptocurrency is extensive on Altbase. App users can obtain information on coins like date of inception, use cases, market cap, all-time highs, lows, 24 and other time incremented trade volume, and more. There are many uses for the Altbase app that can enhance users’ experience in the cryptocurrency market.

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