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chapter: Account Security & Verification

What about account security on Altbase?

Security is a serious topic for us at Altbase mobile-based altcoin exchange. We go out of our way to ensure our systems and network are secure for our 10,000’s of thousands of current users. From the basics to a few specifics, we cover details of security on the Altbase app in four topics.

Whether users are familiar with how to buy altcoins or not, it is important to observe security measures when trading cryptocurrency. This security section was established for that purpose.

Take a few minutes and read the information provided in these sections thoroughly. Begin at Security Basics to get all of the safety fundamentals, and make sure you’re doing all you can to trade safely on the Altbase app - buying and selling cryptocurrency.

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Support Desk

As part of our commitment to providing stellar customer service, in contrast with other apps and exchanges on the market, a ticket system will be created in order to lodge your specific technical issues to the Altbase development team. Every effort should be sought to use self-help and FAQs to alleviate the issue, with tickets being created for issues that cannot be solved via self-help.

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