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chapter: Getting Started

Account Basics

Start here at account basics for all of the fundamental information to begin your Altbase mobile altcoin exchange experience. From who we are to getting your account set up and funded, you can find it all to begin with confidence. The four categories comprising account basics are designed to do just that - deliver user confidence.

We have got you covered from front to back, and if there’s anything that we haven’t touched, we ask that you contact the team via email or telephone service (coming soon). The first section in the Altbase account basics support category pages is What is Altbase?, which goes into background info for new and existing users to better understand the Altbase purpose and function.

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Our dedicated support team will soon be available to answer technical support queries over the phone.

Support Desk

As part of our commitment to providing stellar customer service, in contrast with other apps and exchanges on the market, a ticket system will be created in order to lodge your specific technical issues to the Altbase development team. Every effort should be sought to use self-help and FAQs to alleviate the issue, with tickets being created for issues that cannot be solved via self-help.

Startup phase: 6AM 12/23 6AM UTC - 6AM 12/24 6AM UTC | Trading Starts: 9AM 12/24 UTC