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chapter: Trading

Basics to trading on Altbase

The Altbase app is designed to be simple from start to finish, for new and experienced crypto traders and investors. We want to make sure each Altbase user has a satisfying experience while trading on our mobile-based altcoin exchange. The following support topics cover the fundamentals of trading on Altabse.

Each of the four pages are designed to give new users the basic information needed to feel confident when trading with their Altbase user account. We understand that trading crypto can seem overwhelming at first, and for that reason we’ve created the following resources to help dramatically simplify the new experience.

If you have not yet set up an account, you will need to do so before placing your first trade. After establishing your new Altbase account, you will need to fund it with crypto from an existing cryptocurrency wallet or by purchasing digital assets using your debit or credit card.

Altbase makes buying and selling crypto, and altcoins in particular, easy for everyone. We simplify it for you even if you don’t have experience on how to buy altcoins. If you are completely new to the Altbase app, we invite you to read our support topic: what is Altbase?

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Our dedicated support team will soon be available to answer technical support queries over the phone.

Support Desk

As part of our commitment to providing stellar customer service, in contrast with other apps and exchanges on the market, a ticket system will be created in order to lodge your specific technical issues to the Altbase development team. Every effort should be sought to use self-help and FAQs to alleviate the issue, with tickets being created for issues that cannot be solved via self-help.

Startup phase: 6AM 12/23 6AM UTC - 6AM 12/24 6AM UTC | Trading Starts: 9AM 12/24 UTC